Psychotherapy Case Studies

Below are some case studies featuring some of the issues faced by my clients.  You may find that you are in a similar situation but by sharing, identifying and dealing with the problems you have, you can regain control of your life and look forward to a brighter future.

Coping with Bereavement

Client A entered therapy because she was having problems focusing at work, was making mistakes, experiencing anxiety and was also not wanting to face some situations and found herself sitting aimlessly in her car.  Client A had a demanding job that required her to be available to handle challenging people and events.  She would be described by others as being strong, capable and reliable, and for her to not experience herself like this was a major issue.

It was essential that I developed a trusting relationship with her to feel comfortable enough to explore her vulnerability.  She would find it hard to lose face.

What emerged was that Client A's mother had recently died and that she was experiencing grief and that whilst she understood her loss, she thought that she was strong and could handle her emotions.  We were able to explore her feelings and allow her to express them and find appropriate ways for her to support herself.  This included taking a holiday with a good friend which gave her a break from the stress of work.  Client A gradually found that she could manage her feelings and deal with her job more effectively.

Handling Relationships

Client B entered therapy following the breakup of his relationship with his girlfriend.  Client B felt 'shattered'; he was used to being the one that ended relationships.  His self-esteem was low.  We explored his relationship history particularly with women in his life, his thoughts and feelings.  As he understood himself better, good and bad points, his self-esteem recovered.  He was able to find a new relationship and left therapy happier and ready to move on.

Reaching for the Top

Client C entered therapy for six sessions only.  She knew she would be moving away.  As we only had a short time it was important to focus on the one thing that was challenging her.  Client C put herself under tremendous stress to perform well in all she did to the point of obsession which put extreme pressure on herself and her relationships.  She identified her nemesis as being really driven and although this part appears to have good intentions and once would have been helpful, it now made her life hard.  She was able to understand her thought process and behaviour and became kinder to herself.  She discovered that taking regular exercise reduced the voice of her nemesis and thus her daily stress.

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